The Song I’ve Been Looking For All My Life

I was seven years old and I was sitting in my dad’s RX-7 while he ran into the store.  I turned the radio on, and before long, a song started playing that I had never heard before.  I couldn’t catch all the lyrics, but the chorus melody stuck with me as I hummed it all the way home.

Somehow, even though I heard it only once, I always remembered that song.  As I grew older, I started to search for it everywhere.  I thought the name was “You’ll Never Know How Much I Love You” and I thought it was sung by Barry Manilow.  I was wrong on both counts – which explains why the radio announcers never knew what I was talking about when I would call in to request it on Saturday nights in junior high.  Well, that, and I’m sure they couldn’t believe that a teenager was requesting a Manilow song.

Once the internet became a thing, I started checking there, but with no luck.  Then iTunes, but still nothing.

Last weekend, twenty-three years after I heard that song, I finally heard it again.

My wife and I were watching Hit & Run with Kristen Bell.  There’s a scene in a grocery check-out line where Bradley Cooper is going off on a tough-looking guy buying cheap dog food.  “Muzak” was playing in the background and I heard that familiar melody.

I immediately jumped on the computer, checked the film’s soundtrack, and found that the song is called “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” and it was originally sung by George Benson.  Here a link to his fantastically cheesy performance from 1984:

It’s simple and really corny, but I think that’s what makes it sweet.  It reeks of the 80s, but there’s still something about that chorus that sticks in your head.

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