More about me and this blog

I’m a husband, historian, writer, and aspiring novelist.  I write the column “Media Matters” for Parents & Kids Magazine (

I love movies, TV, and video games, but I love writing about them even more.

My more peculiar areas of interest are tabletop games, movie and videogame scores, survival horror, classic Universal and Hammer monster movies, xenomorphs, and all things James Bond.  Like Hans Gruber, I can talk about industrialization and men’s fashion all day, and Matt Spaiser’s incredibly detailed blog, “The Suits of James Bond” (, has given me plenty of ammunition.

I’m currently working to publish my first novel, THE FOUNDING FATHERS.  The publishing world is frightening and about as inviting  as Tantooine with a third sun, but I’ve gotten a lot of support from a ton of great people, and I’m not one to give up on a dream.

I hope someone out there is reading.

If you enjoy the blog, please feel free to add your thoughts in any of the comment sections.


ImagePhoto: Die Hard (1988), Twentieth Century Fox


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